Sunday, 7 November 2010

Beads and more beads

I ordered a whole bunch of beads and things the past 2 months and have only just unpacked them. They're now in their little storage boxes waiting for me to use them. I got several artbeads this time around. Yes, they're a luxury I probably shouldn't be indulging in - but they are just so darn pretty. Enough's my loot :-)

Aren't they lovely? Here are some close-ups in case you're curious.

From the top: enameled yummies from Gardanne Beads, scrumptious Keith O'Connor ceramic beads, followed by a length of enamel chain - it's actually a lovely pastel blue although it shows up as white in the photo (must be the lighting) - and some rubber o-rings..both from myElements. 


...and with pics to show off.

Yes, I've been away for what seems like ages. I was on vacation and then came down with the flu when I got back home. Actually fell ill towards the end of my vacation. But I'm better now, and finally feeling like myself again.

Which means I got around to making something :-). The bracelet below is a replica of the green vintage bracelet  I mentioned (and showed off) in an earlier post. I made it for a friend who wanted something very much like my bracelet but in blue. The bracelet fits her perfectly and looks gorgeous against her beautiful tanned skin. I hope it brings her much pleasure and joy. Hmm, Rhapsody in Blue would be a great name for it.