Saturday, 27 July 2013

My Bead Soup Blog Party Prize is here!

If you recall, my Sparkly Scrap Shell won the Out of the Box Award in the fabulous Ms Lori Anderson's 7th Bead Soup Blog Party. 

Despite the pain and medical horrors she's been through in the past months, Lori managed to find the time and energy to pick a selection of beads from her own stash and mail them off to me. 

This is what I received:

A bagful of beads wrapped in pretty packaging and a card.

I couldn't get past the pretty tissue paper the beads were wrapped in. 

Isn't it pretty? And such an unusual print too. I've put it aside in the hopes of using it in some of my resin experiments. 

And now on to the beads!

Lori sent a gorgeous collection of beads and findings that included gemstones, vintage lucite, handmade glass, polymer clay, glass, pewter and cotton. Here's a closer look without the plastic baggies.

You'll notice the Barbara Bechtel (Second Surf) key pendant smack dab in the pic. I've only ever drooled over her work from afar, so to actually own a bead of hers feels amazing. I am so very lucky! And it's all due to Lori's generosity - I can't thank you enough Lori! I'm going to have so much fun playing with what you sent. 

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop Reveal

Hello. My name is Adlinah. And I'm a bead hoarder. 

Lori Anderson's brainwave to hold a bead hoarders blog hop was the perfect opportunity for me to come out of the closet. For too long, I've hidden behind the excuse that I needed beads and more beads because darn it! I'm a jewellery maker and I need my materials! 

The truth is, I'm more of a bead collector - a bead curator (hah!) if you will - than I am a designer or artist. The only time I make lots and lots of jewellery is when I'm playing in a blog hop (usually ones organised by the ever-fantastic Lori), where a mix of inspiration and last-minute panic combine to help me produce several pieces. 

If anyone's interested in my...ahem...collection, here's a quick glimpse of some of it:

                               Ceramic beads I've been hoarding since forever

                                Mostly glass, some polymer clay and paper beads

I'm hoping this Blog Hop will be the first step in my treatment and recovery. Despite my fears, I managed to make use of a few (well, only 3 to be accurate) hoarded beads without suffering any painful or embarrassing side-effects. No tears or teeth-gnashing at all! 

So, on to the Reveal! I chose to use some polymer clay bird beads by UK artist Angela Pyke of BeadMeUpButtercup and a lampwork glass focal by Susan Farley of SkholtGlass. 

Angela's work is new to me but I love her birdie beads with their white-washed finish. I decided the birds would make a cute pair of earrings, especially paired with some pretty Czech glass beads.

Next up was a focal by Susan Farley. Now, I love Susan's work - I've amassed several of her focal pendants over the last 4 years and have also given away some of her beads to my BSBP partners in the past. After lots of hand-wringing, I chose to use her Spring Flowering Tree focal bead. I gave it a tassel of beads and strung the resulting pendant on a brass chain to which I added Swarovski crystals.

Both reveal pieces will go into my Etsy shop. They need to go and live in other homes apart from mine :-).

Now that I've learnt I can part with my hoard, I'll be more conscientious about actually using the beads I purchase. I want to thank everyone for reading through this post and of course, Lori for this brilliant Blog Hop. With the help of more such Blog Hops, I'll be well on the way to thwarting my hoarding tendencies. 

I'm off to check out what Lori and the other participants created. If you'd like to join me, please click here.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

The fabulous Lori Anderson is hosting another blog hop. No swops or partners are involved this time. Instead, we just use long-hoarded beads from our stash to make something. Or many somethings if we feel like it.

July and August are busy months for me and I'm a nut to think of even signing up, but the Hop sounds like too much fun to pass up. Plus I have loads of hoarded beads that need to come out and play. Hopefully this Hop will make me feel less guilty about my hoarding tendencies. The reveal date is 20 July, so do come back then to see what I end up creating. Your guess is as good as mine!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Winning.... not something I do a lot. So I'm always stunned, disbelieving and finally thankful when it happens. I'm especially gobsmacked and grateful this time around. Why? Because my Sparkly Scrap Shell that I made for the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party won itself the Out of the Box Award in Lori Anderson's BSBP7 contest.

I have no idea how it won when there were hundreds of other stunning creations. But I'm very very honoured to be among the winners. Thanks a million for picking my dish, Lori! And thank you June for giving me such a hoard of beautiful beads!
I now wait in anticipation of the certain-to-be awesome prize that is coming my way from Lori's very own stash. Woo-hoo! I can't wait! I promise to blog about the prize when it arrives. Till then, happy creating everyone!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Gaea's giveaway

Gaea Cannaday's new bundles, bead sets and pendants are now available on Lima Beads! And she's having a giveaway to get people to help spread the word.

If you want a chance to win the bead set and pendants shown above (LOVE the heart pendant), share the good news on your Facebook, blog, Twitter etc. You can read more about her giveaway here.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

More earrings

I made more earrings today. The photos were taken with my phone so they aren't too great. I'll re-take the pics when I have time later in the week. I'm thinking of listing both earrings in my Etsy shop but am not too sure if I need to tweak them first. I'd love it if you could drop a line or two to tell me what you think. 

Dyed Howlite discs, pewter spacers, polymer clay charms handmade and gifted to me by Maybeline Tay of The Jewelry Larder.

Paper beads by the awesome Gillian McMurray, orange cord, gold Czech beads and brass spacers.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Patina inks and earrings

If you're wondering where my BSBP7 Reveal post is, don't worry, it's here.

Before you go haring off to check out what I made, you might want to take a look at these new earrings. I succumbed and bought myself a few bottles of Vintaj Patina Inks. I unearthed a pair of brass frames I've had for the longest time and had a fine old time dabbing/painting the inks on. This is the result:

A couple of Swarovski pearls for the centres and some copper-tone ear hooks and I've got me a pair of vaguely vintage-y earrings. I call them Springtime Bouquet. 

Monday, 13 May 2013

And the winner of the giveaway is.......

.........Commenter No. 2 ie. Lori Schneider! Congratulations Lori! Caliban's Treasure will be winging its way to you very soon. Please leave me your email address and I'll be in touch to sort out the shipping etc.

Many many thanks also go out to the other 5 lovely people who left such nice comments. I wish I had several Caliban's Treasure to give away to each of you. 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Thank you & a giveaway

Thank you all so much for your kind, generous comments about my BSBP pieces. I'm (very) slowly making my way through the 3rd Reveal - and the 2nd and the 1st - and leaving my own comments on your blogs. It may take me all year but I'll get there in the end. Till then, please know I appreciate every comment that I receive.

I was tickled by the fact that so many of you liked Caliban's Treasure - my 'unpretty' fishnet earrings. You guys are too funny! In view of the love you've showered on my decidedly odd earrings, I'm holding a giveaway - of Caliban's Treasure itself! Leave a comment below and I'll pick a random winner on 12 May (Sun). I'm willing to ship internationally so everyone is welcome to try. Best of luck!

Saturday, 27 April 2013

My BSBP Reveal

Hello & welcome to the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party 3rd Reveal! Before I go any further, I just want to thank the hostess with the mostest (mostess?) Lori Anderson for once again coordinating this amazing event. You'll know by now that she's put together this blog party while grappling with an extraordinary amount of pain. A couple of Reveal postponements were necessary but while Lori may have fretted over them, I welcomed them with open arms :-). As usual, I put off making my creations and the extra time was very much appreciated. So - thank you Lori, and I hope you're doing better now. 

Now, on with the Reveal. To jog your memory, this is what I received from my fabulous partner, June Butt, from New Zealand - a generous helping of soup that included some gorgeous paua beads. 

Guided by the colour palette, and the fact that June lives by the sea, I decided my creations would have an ocean/sea theme. The soup also made me think of Shakespeare's The Tempest. Don't ask me why. My mind is a strange place sometimes. 

I also decided that I would explore new techniques and materials (for me) in my creations. I knew there was a possibility I would fail miserably but I figured - isn't this what the BSBP is for? An opportunity for us to get out of our comfort zone when designing and creating? In the end, I think I had a mix of hits and misses. 

First up....a wire-crochet necklace. May I just say here - I have the utmost respect for those of you out there who wire crochet (or just plain crochet or knit) on a regular basis. Those hooks are a menace! Just so you know, I took apart this necklace about 3 times before I was satisfied.

And a matching bracelet:

I call the necklace/bracelet set Miranda's Pretties. 

You can't see the clasps in the photos above but the bracelet is closed with a faux leather button in a vaguely snakeskin finish (first time ever using a button in jewellery) and the necklace has a mermaid clasp.

Edited to include a close-up of the gorgeous paua focal. June drilled 3 holes in it and I couldn't leave well enough alone, so I strung some seed pearls to form a bow on the side.

After I finished those, I then did a 180 and made a couple of pieces that are much less polished and, for lack of a better word, 'unpretty'. If anyone asks, I think I just ran out of pretty. LOL.   

I was attempting to recreate the look of a fishnet. It was supposed to be a caught-in-a-trap sort of concept.  I think the earrings turned out looking rather squid-like (octopus-like?) instead. Which, if you think about it, is still in keeping with my sea theme. Anyhow, I call this Caliban's Treasure.

And since I honoured Caliban, I couldn't possibly leave out Sycorax (Caliban's witch mother, not the Dr Who alien). So I made Midnight Magic.

I still had some beads left, and I wanted to make something that wasn't jewellery. This is what I came up with.

It's supposed to be a scallop shell made of wire and beads. It needs to be re-worked, clearly. I think Miranda might have made this as a child from scraps gathered from around the island. So maybe this is Sparkly Scrap Shell

By now, some of you must be thinking - "wait a minute, where's the clasp? I thought we had to use the focal and clasp?" Well, yes. It's a rule and I didn't forget. 

The clasp June sent was too pretty and detailed to be stuck at the back of a necklace or bracelet, so I used it in a pair of asymmetrical earrings. Along with the wee silver frog and beautiful Swarovski crystals she sent. The earrings are now the property of a froggy-loving friend. I didn't name them btw but I was leaning towards Ariel's Light. What do you think?

So there you have it! My six bead soup pieces. June - I hope I did OK with your beads, and thank you for being such a wonderful partner. Everyone else - do let me know which pieces you think are hits and which are misses. I'll work on the misses, I promise! Thank you for hanging in there - I know I rambled more than usual. 

Now, since I've taken up enough of your time, let's go visit June and the other participants of the 3rd Reveal.
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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Still here & BSBP Reveals

If anyone's wondering, I'm still here :-). Just a little overwhelmed by real life. I've been ill pretty much most of last month, and my 20yo cat is now terminally ill so life's been mostly crap lately (pardon my language).

To take my mind off things, I've been checking out the amazing creations of fellow jewellery makers who participated in Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party. The response to the BSBP was so enthusiastic this year that there are THREE reveal dates. I'm slowly ploughing my way through the 1st and 2nd Reveals and I strongly encourage you to do the same. Take it nice and slow so you appreciate all the effort and creativity that each participant invested in their pieces. You can go here for the 1st Reveal links and here for the 2nd Reveal. 

The 3rd reveal will be next week, 27 April - and that's my reveal date. So come back then to see what I made with my partner's great bead soup. 

Sunday, 10 March 2013

More new earrings

Don't ask me why but I seem to be in the mood for making earrings. This time, I went for a bold - for me - choice of colours. 

You might have noticed by now that I tend to stick to safe colour combos when it comes to my jewellery. But lately, I've been meaning to be more adventurous and this time, I was inspired by a photo of Cameron Diaz wearing a stunning fuchsia gown paired with turquoise jewellery.

Wouldn't you know it but I had beads in my stash that were almost exactly the same shades of pink and blue. Talk about coincidence!

The  teal drops are porcelain clay pendants by Mary Welsh Hubbard of White Clover Kiln, while the fuchsia beads are acrylic (plastic if you will) nuggets I found in Paris on my last holiday. If anyone ever tells you plastic beads are cheap and nasty, direct them to me and I'll set them straight. These beads are a lovely mottled colour - bright fuchsia in parts, and a paler pink in others. I simply wire-wrapped them with artistic wire and added antique gold-plated pewter daisy spacers. The ear hooks are gold-filled.

I'll be listing the earrings in my Etsy store soon. Hopefully someone will love their bright, bold colours as much as I do. 

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

New earrings

I made this pair of earrings back in December. Finally got around to taking pics. And also listing them in my Etsy shop.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Look what I got!

Yay! My partner June and I have both received our soups! It took just about a week for our beads to travel the distance between New Zealand and Singapore. Wasn't that quick?

June has already blogged about the soup I sent her. You can read her post here. She also took a great pic of the beads. I did take a photo of the soup before I mailed it off, but I forgot to include some ingredients that I added at the last minute. Doh! For what it's worth, below is a pic of most of what I sent June:

The main focal is a glass disc by mandrel2 on Etsy. The back-up focal is a ceramic pendant by White Clover Kiln. The beads are an assortment of Swarovski crystals and pearls, Czech pressed glass beads and spacers, lampwork beads from Tokyo (the white ones with swirls), glass rounds, fire-polished rondelles, and acrylic rounds again from Tokyo. The clasp is a vintage faux pearl box clasp. I also added 2 metal leaf connectors and some rubber tubing. Just for fun.

And now, for June's fantabulous soup brewed just for me:

That fantastic focal is New Zealand Paua (Haliotis Iris - a member of the abalone family and found only in NZ). June tells me she tumbled and polished it herself. I was so touched to know this. I love that she sent something native to New Zealand. How thoughtful! June also sent some accompanying Paua beads, as well as a good amount of Swarovski crystals and pearls (what a coincidence we both sent Swarovskis!), Preciosa crystals and dyed stone rounds. She also sent a beautiful silver toggle clasp and a wee frog charm. 

I love the colours of the soup June sent me and I'm cracking my brains as to what to make with that beautiful focal. I so want to do it justice. June and I are in the 3rd Reveal so please come back on April 13th to see what we end up creating.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Introducing my Bead Soup Partner

My partner for Lori's 7th Bead Soup Blog Party is.....drum roll please...........June Butt of One White Swan! Yay!! June is from New Zealand and is an uber-talented jewellery maker. She created the most amazing necklace (the sex-bomb necklace) using polymer clay, pearls, crystals and ostrich tufts. You have to visit her blog to see her cool creations. June assures me she also makes 'normal' stuff. Yeah, right. I'm pretty sure whatever June makes, it's all fab!

I must say that I'm thrilled to be partnered with June since I've always heard wonderful things about her country. I've never been to New Zealand but I have several friends and colleagues who have. And every last one of them has raved to me - at various points in the past - about how beautiful it is, how nice the people are and how much they wish they could live there. In fact, I know of a few Singaporeans who have chosen to start a new life over in New Zealand. From all I've read and seen, it certainly sounds like a nation with a saner pace of living. 

Back to the BSBP, June was super quick in emailing me once we were partnered and we've already exchanged several emails, even though she's tremendously busy overseeing the overhaul of her kitchen. Unlike previous swaps, I didn't procrastinate much this time. I'm proud to say that I mailed June's bead soup this morning - it was the earliest I could send it off since the post office was closed the last few days due to the Chinese New Year public holiday here in Singapore. 

Also unlike previous soups - where I seemed to send everything but the kitchen sink - I opted for a more.. umm.. 'focused' bead soup this time. It's a smaller helping but I tried my darndest to pick beads that complemented each other, as well as including a couple of slightly out-of-the-ordinary 'ingredients'. I really hope June likes what I sent. Here's a pic to tease her, and the rest of you: