Thursday, 23 February 2012

Thank you and BSBP update

Like most people who blog, I love getting comments - they make my day! - and the ones I got for my previous post were very much appreciated. Thank you so much for leaving a comment - for your kind, congratulatory wishes and for sharing with me some of your own experiences. I was encouraged by what you wrote, and I hope the sales keep on coming - for all of us!

On another note, how are you getting on with your bead soup? Those of you participating, that is. I just finished 2 pieces and am trying to get at least one more item done before the Reveal Day. I'm not entirely pleased with the completed pieces but I don't think I'll have time to re-work them. One of them has decidedly wonky wirework, but I'm hoping some creative photography will hide that fact LOL. And since I'm a big tease, I'm just going to say that the bad wirework involved the ceramic bead below.

Remember it? I'll leave you to imagine the horrific wirework (and other torture) - if you can even call it that - I subjected that innocent bead to. Check back on Mar 3 to see if your imaginings were right. 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Something good happened

Just popping in to share a piece of good news. I made my first ever Etsy sale! This probably won't mean much to those of you who get regular, and frequent, sales. But it means a tremendous amount to me that someone from across the world wanted something I made enough to pay for it, and was willing to wait 2 weeks to receive it. If you've been reading my blog, you'll know that I'm visited by self-doubt pretty regularly, especially when it comes to jewellery-making. Thoughts like 'it's just not good or pretty enough to sell' and 'no one will ever buy it' are common.

Don't get me wrong. I don't make jewellery for the sake of selling. I make it because I love pretty things and because I find the whole process therapeutic and a wonderful change from my regular day job. But getting a sale is like the cherry on top. It's a bonus and it makes me happy. Plus it keeps the self-doubt at bay. At least for a while.

What was it like for you when you made your first online sale?

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bead soup has reached Bahrain!

Finally! My partner Hajer emailed me yesterday to let me know that she's received the bead soup I sent. I was so relieved. I was really starting to worry that the beads might have gotten lost in transit. 

Since Hajer is in the midst of exams, I'll be posting the pics of the beads on her behalf. So here's what I sent:

All wrapped up in little baggies. I probably went overboard with the bubblewrap.
I was aiming for a bead soup of various materials so I included glass, wood, ceramic, metal and even rubber. Hajer says she likes that I sent her such a mixed bag of beads - I'm glad she isn't too mad at me. I told her I picked cheery, bright colours because I wanted to send her a little bit of Singapore where we almost always have blue skies and green grass. That lampwork focal was just right for my bead soup -  it's one of four beautiful focals by Susan Farley that I've been hoarding. I can't wait to see what Hajer does with what I sent. 

Saturday, 4 February 2012

As promised....bead soup from Bahrain

I hate being kept in suspense. I assume most of you are the same. So here, without further ado, is the bead soup I received from Hajer in Bahrain. 

And a close-up of the beads:

Top left: seed-beaded rings. Made by Hajer herself from glass seed beads. I think I appreciate these rings the most cos she had to take time away from her studies to make them. FYI, she's currently preparing for her 2nd year university exams (good luck Hajer!) 
Top right: silver toggle, plastic seed beads and black glass rounds
Bottom left: ceramic oval bead (kinda like an egg. and big!)
Bottom right: off-white/beige rounds which Hajer thinks are ceramic (I dunno, they could be some kind of stone, I'm not sure), blue/green/white glass bead mix

What struck me when I opened Hajer's package was first, how many beads she had sent me, and second, that the colours she chose mirrored mine very closely. How odd is that? I love that she gave me so many options - there are seed beads in there, glass, ceramic. I'll have a fine old time figuring out what to make. I haven't heard from her if she's received my package. When I do, I'll be sure to post pics of what I sent. I really hope she likes the beads. 

I've been visiting the blogs of other BSBP participants and have really been in awe of the quality of beads that people have been sending their partners, and the quantity as well! To be honest, I didn't send very many beads to my partner and am starting to feel a little bad about possibly disappointing her. It's my first time playing in the BSBP, and hers too, and I so want us both to have a great experience.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bead soup's here!

It's official. The Kingdom of Bahrain has the quickest postal service. And the most accurate. When my BSBP partner mailed her package to me, she was told it would reach me within 4 working days. And whaddaya know? I came home from work today to find my bead soup package waiting for me on the dining table, almost exactly 4 days after it was mailed. I can only hope that she gets my package soon. 

I'll post pics of the beads I received later in the week - I want to photograph them in natural daylight to do them justice and I won't be able to do that till the weekend. But I will say that I love what I got, and also that Hajer Waheed is one generous gifter. She didn't send a bead soup; she sent a bead kit (minus findings)!  And it all came in the pretty parcel below. Love the pink ribbons!