Monday, 17 May 2010

New jewelry

I had some time to spare yesterday so I took the opportunity to mess around with my beads. I recently bought some huge beads from and have been stumped as to how to use them. This happens a lot. I get seduced by all sorts of beautiful beads I find online. I usually end up buying them, even when I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to incorporate them into jewelry designs. I figure I'll come up with something. Anyway, I opted for a really simple chain-and-bead design, using some gold-plated chain I bought from Japan years ago. I haven't taken any photos yet - it was too late at night when I completed the necklace for any sort of photo-taking. But I'll take one soon and post it here. I draped the necklace around one of my coat hangers and I like how it looks against the backdrop of my black jacket. I'll probably add it to my Artfire Shop at the weekend.

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