Monday, 7 March 2011

What's new pussycat?

Not much apparently :-). Yes, I know it's been ages since I posted anything but life's been weird-hectic recently. Did I ever mention that my day job sees me counselling young people? Well, a few of them have decided to freak out on me and I've been weathering the storm as best I can these past weeks.

It's no excuse though for not posting or making new jewellery. Making stuff is therapeutic. I should know. It's saved my sanity a number of times in the past. So I'm gonna get off my butt and exit this pity party I've been attending and go MAKE something. I'll probably post pics at the weekend.

Before I go, you might like to know that I emerged unscathed from the workshop I had to conduct this past Saturday. I had a group of 12 boisterous women whom I'd like to think rather enjoyed themselves. I learnt a few things though: 1) I need to refine my instructions and make them clearer  2) I need to rope in someone to help and 3) I need to teach said helper the project so she/he can actually help with the group. I might be asked to conduct more workshops but I'm going to have to sit down and seriously consider this. Given the investment in time and effort, can I and DO I want to commit? Especially since this is purely voluntary. I'm getting to that age when I really, really want to get paid for my services. Does that make me selfish? I know that had this opportunity presented itself to the 25 or even 30-year old me, I would have said 'yes' in a heartbeat.

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