Saturday, 13 October 2012

My holiday beads post

I love going on holiday. Especially to some far away place. Apart from being a nice break from work and everyday life, holidays abroad mean that I get to shop for beads that I wouldn't normally be able to find here in Singapore. Of course there's always online bead shopping (which I periodically indulge in), but shipping costs can be dear.

This holiday, I discovered - and exercised - my normally absent self-control and didn't buy every bead in sight. So the resulting loot turned out pretty small, but I love every single piece I carted home.

My Paris beads. 
Top pic: vintage glass and lucite (acrylic? plastic?) beads. 
Note to self - next time, buy more. 
Bottom pic: Enamelled metal flowers, glass drops and acrylic nuggets. The purple glass beads on the left are from the UK and shouldn't be in the pic. They snuck into the picture when my back was turned. 

Beads from jolly ol' England - well, London to be specific. Still can't believe I only bought what you see up there. Oh, and a pair of froggy charms. Those charms have since been turned into earrings for a friend (see below).

Oh and I went a little crazy buying buttons. They were too pretty to say 'no' to.

I've never included buttons in my jewellery before and I have no clue as to how I'm going to use them. So you'll have to give me some ideas k?


  1. Beautiful beads! Those buttons are amazing too. I've incorporated buttons as clasps on my bracelets!

    1. Thanks Sandra! I'm going to try the 'button as clasp' idea. I'm guessing you have to be careful measuring the loop that closes over the button?