Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Introducing my Bead Soup Partner

My partner for Lori's 7th Bead Soup Blog Party is.....drum roll please...........June Butt of One White Swan! Yay!! June is from New Zealand and is an uber-talented jewellery maker. She created the most amazing necklace (the sex-bomb necklace) using polymer clay, pearls, crystals and ostrich tufts. You have to visit her blog to see her cool creations. June assures me she also makes 'normal' stuff. Yeah, right. I'm pretty sure whatever June makes, it's all fab!

I must say that I'm thrilled to be partnered with June since I've always heard wonderful things about her country. I've never been to New Zealand but I have several friends and colleagues who have. And every last one of them has raved to me - at various points in the past - about how beautiful it is, how nice the people are and how much they wish they could live there. In fact, I know of a few Singaporeans who have chosen to start a new life over in New Zealand. From all I've read and seen, it certainly sounds like a nation with a saner pace of living. 

Back to the BSBP, June was super quick in emailing me once we were partnered and we've already exchanged several emails, even though she's tremendously busy overseeing the overhaul of her kitchen. Unlike previous swaps, I didn't procrastinate much this time. I'm proud to say that I mailed June's bead soup this morning - it was the earliest I could send it off since the post office was closed the last few days due to the Chinese New Year public holiday here in Singapore. 

Also unlike previous soups - where I seemed to send everything but the kitchen sink - I opted for a more.. umm.. 'focused' bead soup this time. It's a smaller helping but I tried my darndest to pick beads that complemented each other, as well as including a couple of slightly out-of-the-ordinary 'ingredients'. I really hope June likes what I sent. Here's a pic to tease her, and the rest of you:


  1. Curious to see what you get and what you sent...

  2. I'm trying to visit as many of the blogs as I can in the blog party. Can't wait to see what you've gotten in the mail from your partner and the unscrambled version of your own bead soup!

  3. I wanted to say, "Hi". I'm, also, in the BSBP7. I got my soup yesterday. Can't wait to see everyone's results.

  4. Very interesting post about your bead soup partner.

    I'm a new beader and this is my first bead soup party.
    i'm now following your blog.