Saturday, 29 March 2014

Bead Soup is Here!

My bead soup from my partner Donna has made its way here from the Philippines. And I am sooo thrilled! Donna is a fabulous polymer clay artist and she handmade the focal and matching beads. 

The beads have got a woodland fairy-sprite feel to them. A little Midsummer Night's Dream to my mind. I'm not quite sure what I'll create with these because I've never played with such beads before. I just hope I do them justice.

Oh, and of course Donna also sent coordinating beads, components and a clasp. 

Some round glass beads, pearls and itty-bitty green beads.

A beautiful brass toggle clasp and flower connectors. These are so pretty!

And finally, another focal. I think. 

A huge crocheted flower. I have absolutely no clue what I'll do with this but I sure hope I think of something.


  1. So this challenge will be just that for you, Adlinah :) I too received very beautiful items that I wonder if I can do them justice, but I am allowing inspiration to arrive in its own time :)

  2. Wow you received some unusual, wonderful components!!!