Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bead soup's here!

It's official. The Kingdom of Bahrain has the quickest postal service. And the most accurate. When my BSBP partner mailed her package to me, she was told it would reach me within 4 working days. And whaddaya know? I came home from work today to find my bead soup package waiting for me on the dining table, almost exactly 4 days after it was mailed. I can only hope that she gets my package soon. 

I'll post pics of the beads I received later in the week - I want to photograph them in natural daylight to do them justice and I won't be able to do that till the weekend. But I will say that I love what I got, and also that Hajer Waheed is one generous gifter. She didn't send a bead soup; she sent a bead kit (minus findings)!  And it all came in the pretty parcel below. Love the pink ribbons!


  1. Hi adlinah, I'm hopping around to see the lovely bead soup participants blogs! Can't wait for the reveal!


  2. Ooooh.. Sounds exciting! Can't wait to see your next post of the beads!

  3. I can't wait....I am still checking my mail box daily!

  4. I'm anxiously awaitng my soup - it should be here any day but like Tejae I'm checking around and saying "Hello" to members of the BSBP. Can't wait to see what's in your package : - ).