Sunday, 8 April 2012

Something out of nothing

When I was putting away my 'experiments' from last week, that odd mis-shapened heart ended up next to one of the cameo settings. You know how sometimes two wrongs do make a right? Well, these two looked right together - especially after I added some paper and resin. I have to say that the style is a lot more rustic and - umm, imperfect - than my usual. 

A length of copper chain and some Czech glass dangles - et voila! I had a necklace on my hands. I'm calling it 'My Weathered Heart'. 

Now, do you think the necklace is pretty enough to go into my Etsy store? Or better yet - pretty enough for a giveaway? I've been wanting to try having a giveaway since I always find them great fun, but have never really had anything I thought people might want. I'd love to hear  from you and what you think. 


  1. It is definitely OOAK! Love it. Somehow a framed weathered heart makes a great emblem.

  2. I love what you've done here. The heart is wonderful, and the colora are great!