Sunday, 1 April 2012

Trying new things

My tins of gilder's paste arrived earlier this week and I managed to find some time to experiment with them a little. I dug out some cameo settings from my stash and rubbed on the paste to see how they would turn out. The results?

I coloured the settings in Violet, Patina, German Silver (bottom right), Copper (middle of pic) and Antique Gold (top left). I think the metallic colours work better - I had some trouble getting the Violet to stay on. Maybe I need to rough up the surface first to help the colour stick. 

I have to say that adding colour to the settings makes them a lot more interesting. And attractive. I sealed the settings with Mod-Podge (the only thing  I had on hand) btw, since I was afraid the colours might rub off. 

I also used gilder's paste on a clay heart I made. I found some air-dry clay in a local book cum stationery store and decided to get it since I couldn't wait for my Apoxie Sculpt to arrive. I'm impatient that way. I've never tried air-dry clay before but since a 500g pack only cost S$4, I figured I had nothing to lose. 

I very inexpertly shaped a heart and let it dry over 3 days. I then rubbed gilder's paste in Pinotage and Antique Gold over it. Finally I brushed on a couple of layers of Mod-Podge. 

The heart is cracked, and mis-shapened, and very amateur-ish to be honest. But there is a beauty in it I never thought I'd see. I guess it's like the hearts some of us bear - worn and torn but still beating. 


  1. I like the gilder's paste effect on the cameo settings. Some came out looking 'antiqued'. Very interesting.

  2. Very cool! I wonder what else would "cure" the paste?

  3. I love to work with Gilder's Paste, it can add some great color. I actually like the heart too...would not have guesses that it was an air dry clay.

  4. I agree with Madeline re the effect actually. I like the look.