Sunday, 24 June 2012

In the beginning.........

.....was this:

The pieces above were the first jewellery I ever made back in 2007. 

Back then, I was in a job that constantly stressed me out and was making me increasingly unhappy. I used to joke that I never saw the sun during the week - leaving for work when it was still dark and leaving the office long after the sun had set. It wasn't much of a joke though. So in an attempt to 'reclaim my life' I signed up for a bead making class at a community centre a few blocks away from my home. 

For almost the first time in my life I discovered that my hands were capable of making something that was both functional and beautiful. During the 10 lessons, I learnt how to make simple wire loops, twist wire and weave beads together to create rings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches. There were setbacks of course. Simple loops were not so simple for me. I was often all thumbs when it came to weaving tiny seed beads together. And I was usually one of the last ones to complete that night's project. 

Despite that, I enjoyed myself hugely and discovered that creativity wasn't entirely foreign to me :-). Given how much I gained from that class, it's rather odd to realise that I haven't taken a jewellery making or beading class since. Hmm, maybe I should start scouting around for some classes.....

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