Sunday, 10 March 2013

More new earrings

Don't ask me why but I seem to be in the mood for making earrings. This time, I went for a bold - for me - choice of colours. 

You might have noticed by now that I tend to stick to safe colour combos when it comes to my jewellery. But lately, I've been meaning to be more adventurous and this time, I was inspired by a photo of Cameron Diaz wearing a stunning fuchsia gown paired with turquoise jewellery.

Wouldn't you know it but I had beads in my stash that were almost exactly the same shades of pink and blue. Talk about coincidence!

The  teal drops are porcelain clay pendants by Mary Welsh Hubbard of White Clover Kiln, while the fuchsia beads are acrylic (plastic if you will) nuggets I found in Paris on my last holiday. If anyone ever tells you plastic beads are cheap and nasty, direct them to me and I'll set them straight. These beads are a lovely mottled colour - bright fuchsia in parts, and a paler pink in others. I simply wire-wrapped them with artistic wire and added antique gold-plated pewter daisy spacers. The ear hooks are gold-filled.

I'll be listing the earrings in my Etsy store soon. Hopefully someone will love their bright, bold colours as much as I do. 

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