Saturday, 27 April 2013

My BSBP Reveal

Hello & welcome to the 7th Bead Soup Blog Party 3rd Reveal! Before I go any further, I just want to thank the hostess with the mostest (mostess?) Lori Anderson for once again coordinating this amazing event. You'll know by now that she's put together this blog party while grappling with an extraordinary amount of pain. A couple of Reveal postponements were necessary but while Lori may have fretted over them, I welcomed them with open arms :-). As usual, I put off making my creations and the extra time was very much appreciated. So - thank you Lori, and I hope you're doing better now. 

Now, on with the Reveal. To jog your memory, this is what I received from my fabulous partner, June Butt, from New Zealand - a generous helping of soup that included some gorgeous paua beads. 

Guided by the colour palette, and the fact that June lives by the sea, I decided my creations would have an ocean/sea theme. The soup also made me think of Shakespeare's The Tempest. Don't ask me why. My mind is a strange place sometimes. 

I also decided that I would explore new techniques and materials (for me) in my creations. I knew there was a possibility I would fail miserably but I figured - isn't this what the BSBP is for? An opportunity for us to get out of our comfort zone when designing and creating? In the end, I think I had a mix of hits and misses. 

First up....a wire-crochet necklace. May I just say here - I have the utmost respect for those of you out there who wire crochet (or just plain crochet or knit) on a regular basis. Those hooks are a menace! Just so you know, I took apart this necklace about 3 times before I was satisfied.

And a matching bracelet:

I call the necklace/bracelet set Miranda's Pretties. 

You can't see the clasps in the photos above but the bracelet is closed with a faux leather button in a vaguely snakeskin finish (first time ever using a button in jewellery) and the necklace has a mermaid clasp.

Edited to include a close-up of the gorgeous paua focal. June drilled 3 holes in it and I couldn't leave well enough alone, so I strung some seed pearls to form a bow on the side.

After I finished those, I then did a 180 and made a couple of pieces that are much less polished and, for lack of a better word, 'unpretty'. If anyone asks, I think I just ran out of pretty. LOL.   

I was attempting to recreate the look of a fishnet. It was supposed to be a caught-in-a-trap sort of concept.  I think the earrings turned out looking rather squid-like (octopus-like?) instead. Which, if you think about it, is still in keeping with my sea theme. Anyhow, I call this Caliban's Treasure.

And since I honoured Caliban, I couldn't possibly leave out Sycorax (Caliban's witch mother, not the Dr Who alien). So I made Midnight Magic.

I still had some beads left, and I wanted to make something that wasn't jewellery. This is what I came up with.

It's supposed to be a scallop shell made of wire and beads. It needs to be re-worked, clearly. I think Miranda might have made this as a child from scraps gathered from around the island. So maybe this is Sparkly Scrap Shell

By now, some of you must be thinking - "wait a minute, where's the clasp? I thought we had to use the focal and clasp?" Well, yes. It's a rule and I didn't forget. 

The clasp June sent was too pretty and detailed to be stuck at the back of a necklace or bracelet, so I used it in a pair of asymmetrical earrings. Along with the wee silver frog and beautiful Swarovski crystals she sent. The earrings are now the property of a froggy-loving friend. I didn't name them btw but I was leaning towards Ariel's Light. What do you think?

So there you have it! My six bead soup pieces. June - I hope I did OK with your beads, and thank you for being such a wonderful partner. Everyone else - do let me know which pieces you think are hits and which are misses. I'll work on the misses, I promise! Thank you for hanging in there - I know I rambled more than usual. 

Now, since I've taken up enough of your time, let's go visit June and the other participants of the 3rd Reveal.
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  1. Beautiful use of your Soup, Beautiful pieces, Net earrings my fav

  2. What great fun! Making jewelry with literary greats! I love the pieces and I think they look wonderful. I love Caliban's Treasures. They definitely look like fishnet. I can see the different techniques you were experimenting with and I think you did a wonderful job! You must teach me all those knots you did with Caliban's Treasures. Super cool! The names you gave to all the pieces were so creative. I had a great laugh. I enjoyed reading and looking through you creations. Great job!

  3. So pretty and so creative. The crochet pieces turned out gorgeous!

  4. Wow.. Wow... Wow...
    Amazing is all I can say.
    I love how you turned the clasp into earrings..
    The other pair of earrings are way cool.

  5. I LOVE those net earrings! and the wire scallop shell, but the first thing that came to mind for me was a butterfly wing. Crochet can be a challenge but watch out, it gets addictive.
    Great pieces!

  6. my favourites are midnight magic and sparkly scrap shell...!!!! and I can't believe you wire crotchet a whole necklace and bracelet...!!! they're gorgeous... the bright silver wire really does go very nicely with the sea-blue beads.. beautiful job... well done with all 6 pieces!!

  7. Your bead crochet necklace is stunning. Perfect for the beautiful pendant!! Love your fish net earrings too. Very cool.

  8. I definately see the Tempest influence in your collection. I esp like Caliban's Treasure earrings

  9. Wow. I'm so in love with everything you've made and your 'ocean' theme. You're one very talented lady !!! :) 'Caliban's Treasure' is wonderful, I would never have thought to do anything like that and your 'Ariel's Light' does things with the clasp that I think is so clever. I am SO proud of what you have made with my beads, thank you soooo much :D

  10. Amazing, Stunning, Brilliant...I loved all your creations ...I was in first reveal but my creations are simple and plain compared to yours...You are so very talented...

  11. Hasn´t anyone else started hopping from the beginning?
    The pretty ones are really pretty but the un-pretty Caliban´s Treasure is a treasure indeed! I can see small fishes swimming between the seaweeds...

  12. Guess what? I really love your fishnet :-) But also the other pair of earrings. Also your seashell and the midnight magic are wonderful.
    You did with your beautiful soup an amazing job
    Greets Gite

  13. Those all came out fantastic Adlinah. Nice work with the wire crochet! You made it work! Love the matching bracelet and the macrame earrings are very cool!

  14. Beautiful pieces! I hold the highest respect for wire crochet artists as well... because I've tried and failed miserably. And that was with and without the 'wire' part ;) lol I love to have a froggy-loving friend ( my mom) but she's not into asymmetrical or long danglies, so my froggy creativity is anchored >.< lol

  15. Love,love, love Miranda's pretties. It has made my favs list which will post tomorrow.

  16. I think they are all hits! They're fabulous!

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  19. I just love your wire crochet set and I don't think the earrings are a bust. i immediately thought of a fishnet and not a squid. I really liked them a lot. And the earring with the clasp are just fabulous. You cooked up a really great soup.

  20. Beautiful, fresh jewelry! My favorite are the unpolished earrings, they are so nicely surprising ones.

  21. Beautiful work on all pieces. I love the earrings Caliban's Treasure and Ariel's Light!

  22. I've never tried wire-crocheting, so i can not give you any advice for it, but i like your thematic journey with this soup. Your pieces are lovely and the mismatched earrings a hit!

  23. Your designs are all beautiful. I like your wire crocheted pieces the best. I think you did the caught in a trap very well. Kudos for trying new techniques.

  24. I have never tried wire crochet, the necklace is wonderful. Now I am inspired to give it a try

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    Cheers Kathrin

  38. Great work! Since you obviously dislike your fishnet earrings, send them to someone who I think they are brilliant! Great work overall.

  39. very pretty! Love those colors. :)

  40. I think you did a great job on everything! I love that everything had a theme, you tried and re-tried a new's wonderful!

  41. This is exactly what the BSBP challenge is all about...taking lovely ingredients and trying to challenge ourselves to try new things. And your results are amazing! I loved reading about your process.

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  43. Beautiful work and great use of the materials!

  44. First off, I think your wire crochet is awesome. I know it's something I can't do so I totally admire your work on it. As well, the earrings that you say are less pretty. . .I think they're GREAT! I totally get the fish net feel of them and love that reference. Overall, you did a fantastic job with your soup ingredients.

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    I am a wire-worker, and there is NO way I'd try to crochet wire. You are a brave lady! So good job!

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  49. Hahaaah, that is a new one, to use the clasp in earrings. I didn't see that coming. I love your pieces, all very organic and sea-ish looking.

  50. Beautiful work! I love how you used to clasp to make earrings.....very cool!All of your other pieces are great. Fabulous wire crochet....when I tried it all I got was a pile of knots so I do appreciate how difficult it is.

  51. Beautiful work, my favourite are the Caliban's Treasure earrings.

  52. I love the wire crochet, it's something I have trouble with (the sound the wire makes sliding on the hook). It turnedout so pretty I think I might have another go at it. I also like your mis-matched earrings, they're gorgeous.

  53. I would really like to learn crochet with wire lie you did. So lovely......beautiful job!! Can't believe you made 6 pieces!

  54. I really loved everything you did with the soup you were given, I have to say I totally got the fishnet earrings I loved them. I might have to try that some time, I will send you a pic when I do! Your crochet necklace set is more than I have ever had the nerve to try! Great work!

  55. Very pretty indeed.. you nailed it with your 'Sea' theme
    Great work!

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    ciao dall'Italia

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  63. I can't pick a favorite--I love all six pieces. There isn't a miss in the bunch. I definitely saw netting when looking at Caliban's Treasure, not an octopus. I saw a both a shell and a butterfly wing in the Sparkly Scrap Shell. How clever is that to make earrings from a toggle!!!

  64. Loved what you did - especially with the focal. The colour pallette is `to die for`

  65. Absolutely beautiful....all of them! Love the way that you used the clasp for the are right, way to pretty to be behind hair!

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  74. I do love the fishnet earrings lovely and organic and you did capture the essence of the sea.
    Wire crochet is wonderful, it just takes a bit of patience and practice. I have crocheted since I was a little girl, it was tough to go to wire though and I don't do it as often as I should... keep trying it and I know you will love it once you tackle it. The one bit of advice I have... use the smallest hook possible... most people pick up the biggest and then aren't happy with the results, I go smaller. It gives a less loose design... but your's turned out great!!!

  75. Nice soup. Very pretty pieces...the earrings are my favorite.

  76. How wonderful! Seems like Mermaid-Jewelry! I love it!

  77. Oh, very nice. You captured your sea theme quite well (pun FULLY intended! HA!) I don't think your net (squid/octopi?) earrings are ugly! Unique. Attention getting (in a good way). Tactile (I want to touch them to see what they feel like). A very nice job, indeed. (and, lucky friend to get those cute earrings)

  78. all of them = gorgeous pieces !! The Caliban's Treasure earrings are my favorite

  79. I love the necklace. Your wire work is stunning! Great job on creating an ocean/sea theme.

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  83. 6 hits, 0 misses! I'm a HUGE Paua fan, and I think you really did your soup justice. I particularly love both the earrings...the "fishnet" pair is just wonderful. You completely hit the mark on those...and the froggy pair is SO cute; I'm a froggy lover as well.

  84. All pieces are beautiful. My favourite are Miranda's Pretties (very feminine and delicate) and the knotted earrings, Caliban's Treasure- this is a very creative design, encapsulating beads and pearls in a net - I've no idea how you've done it. Congratulations!

  85. You're such a great designer, I love all your work, but I'm very fond♥ of your earrings!