Sunday, 23 October 2011

Stocking up

I was asked by a fellow jewellery-making colleague if I wanted to share a booth at a craft fair this December. I'm naturally shy - though you may not know it if you met me since I talk a lot - and have always preferred the anonymity of selling on the Internet to hawking my work at markets and shows. In the end, after considering the following: 1) I wouldn't be alone at the fair  2) the booth is free; people ballot for booths and pay a deposit which gets refunded  3) it's only 5 hours,  I convinced myself that it would be a great experience. It would be a good opportunity to get feedback on my designs and talk to people about what kind of jewellery they like.

So in the hopes that we'll snag a booth for the Dec fair, we've both been making new items we can display and sell. Neither of us are particularly productive so it's been a good laugh trying to stock up our 'inventory'. This weekend was better than most for me. See?

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