Wednesday, 18 January 2012

BSBP and more resin fun

So I emailed my BSBP partner  - actually, we've already emailed each other twice - and now have a better idea of what might challenge her. I'm still deciding on the exact beads though. This is my first time playing - hers too - and I want to send her a really good bead soup. Or at least, something that she'll appreciate. 

In the meantime, I'm still dabbling with bezels and resin and generally making a mess. At the moment I've prepped 2 rings and a pendant. I'd like to prep more before making a batch of resin though, so I don't waste any of it. You can see the rings here:

I'm still debating with myself whether I should use resin for the ring on the left (with the red/green swirls - very Christmassy, I know  - I'm always a season behind) since there really isn't any more room in the bezel. At the moment, it's just been Mod Podged to death. It feels and looks pretty sturdy but I'm not sure if it'll survive being worn day in day out. 

What do you think - to resin or not to resin? I'd love to hear what you think. 

Oh, and in case there are any other literary nerds out there, the words you see in the other ring are from Leigh Hunt's Jenny Kissed Me. 


  1. I say try to put a very thin layer of resin on the Christmas ring. They are both nice. I too am participating in the BSBP for the first time and I am just starting to visit some blogs to get a jump start on getting to know some other jewelry designers. Good luck with the resin.

  2. Hi! I'm a BSBP newbie as well and just doing some pre-visiting. I say a little bit of resin on the red/green ring would be a good thing as well. Cute!!