Tuesday, 31 January 2012

BSBP updates and more resin

I don't have any pictures of bead soups to share with you. Unfortunately. It seems both my partner and I were a little late in sending our parcels off to each other - coincidentally, we both sent our bead soups off on the same day (ie. this past Saturday). She tells me that the post office assured her the package would get to me within 4 working days. Which is odd, cos the lady at my post office said it would take 8-9 working days for my parcel to reach her. Hmm...does this mean my postal service is really slow and inefficient? 

BSBP updates aside, I played with more resin this weekend. I listened to LoriF and Dreaming of Beads (thanks for your comments!) and filled my green-and-red Christmassy ring with a thin layer of resin. A teeny-tiny part of the ring is missing some resin - I think I didn't spread it well enough - but I think it turned out pretty alright. It's a lot more durable now. So glad I listened to my 2 commenters! I also made a few more rings and pendants. 

Things I learnt from this weekend's resin projects:
1) Faceted crystals look flat under resin (see centre ring in the first pic). Sigh...and it looked so good pre-resin.
2) I need to find a better way to anchor my rings so that they are level before pouring the resin in. My current method of blutacking/taping the rings down is clearly lacking since the resin didn't spread evenly. Any tips on this would be very welcome.
3) Bubbles aren't so much of an issue for me. Maybe it's the warmer weather we have here? 
4) Sometimes it's better not to glue the design/picture to the bezel before you seal it. Especially if the design/picture is on really thin paper; the bezel may show through and 'dull' the actual colours of the design. (see difference in colour between the 2 floral pendants in the second pic)
5) Patience is a virtue I need to cultivate. Constantly lifting the cover off resin projects to check on them is not helpful. It's a sure-fire way to ensure that lint settles on the projects and also that you'll accidentally  brush against the projects or drop something on them, thus smearing the resin. 
6) Experimenting with wire to form open-backed 'bezels' and filling them with resin is finicky and messy and may possibly require greater care and finesse than I'm capable of. 


  1. Did you really make those beads? Whoever did , they are sooo pretty. I came to know that my partner just got her packet from me. It's so exciting to know that. I am waiting for mine. Now I am feeling like you did- about post office bluffs? Take care


  2. When I mailed my bead soup to Canada my post master told me it would take 10 business days. I think it has been at least seven now, hoping Traci, http://jewellerywithatwist.blogspot.com, gets her soup soon. I also hope she likes it.

    Your resin pieces came out really nice. You are getting much better. A tip that I read some where for the rings is to get a piece of sponge and cut a hole for the ring to sit in and keep it level. I think you might be able to use a water bottle to do this too.