Monday, 26 March 2012

New jewellery

I don't wear a lot jewellery. And when I do, I nearly always opt for something simple and not too flashy. Last week, I made myself a simple wire-wrapped ring with an amethyst nugget. Amethyst is my birthstone and I love the colour purple. 

See? Simple. Purple. Mine. 

I also got around to making a bracelet with a metal blank I had stamped some time back but forgot all about. 

The quote is from Shakespeare's Cymbeline. As someone who struggled with shyness as a child and who is averse to taking risks, the quote really speaks to me. 

I wire-wrapped some Swarovski crystals in a minty-blue and added a vivid red bloodstone (although I suspect it might be dyed agate or jasper, but 'bloodstone' is what the supplier told me, so 'bloodstone' it'll be) for that dash of 'boldness'. In another attempt to be bold and not-me, I also resisted the urge to use gold wire to match the metal blank and opted for dark bronze artistic wire. A Czech pressed glass flower and Swarovski crystal pearl were added as dangles to pretty up the bracelet, which is now listed in my  Etsy store.  

I'm hoping to make more 'message' or literary bracelets. I find tremendous power in words.


  1. I love the ring you made, amethyst is my favourite gemstone. I also love the bracelet and can empathise with the wording you chose, I was the same as a child.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Deb x