Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bead soup's here!

Yes! My bead soup package from Carmen, my BSBP partner, arrived safe and sound this afternoon. As you can see, apart from the beads - no, she didn't send Swarovskis; Carmen's eco-conscious and uses recycled packaging, which I think is fantastic - she sent me.....candy!
A whole sachet of marshmallows and sour gummies that turn out nice and sweet after the initial face-grimacing sourness. Thanks Carmen! The candy will come in handy when I try to figure out what to do with your bead soup. Sweets always help me to think :-).
From the pic above, you can see that Carmen has been most generous with her bead soup. The 2 bags were stuffed full of beads and charms and other good things. I love the little card she sent, along with the tiny sparkly charm that was attached to it. And I have to say I was most impressed by the neatness of her penmanship. I just hope she's able to read what I wrote on her package; my handwriting is admittedly atrocious. I knew I should have been neater. 

As for the actual beads themselves, well, you'll have to wait. I want to photograph them in natural light to do them justice. Which means you'll get to see them tomorrow at the earliest - or more probably, at the weekend when I'll have more time to take pics. So check back soon to see what Carmen sent me!

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