Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bead Soup's here....Part 2

As promised, here are pics of my bead soup from Carmen. Earlier than expected. Yay!

The beads in their neatly packaged little bags. And a pretty little note card with a glitzy car charm attached (you'll see it up close later). Clearly, Carmen has a very good relationship with all things neat and tidy. She's nice and thoughtful too - see pretty notecard + sachet of sweeties (pic in yesterday's post). 

The beads after I broke them out of their plastic homes and got my dirty little paws on them. Carmen sent me a ton of ingredients. 

The focal:
Which is grey/silver with blobs of blue, pink and maroon-brown. All colours I never work with. And which also has no bead hole (ie. it's a donut). Help!

The clasps; Carmen sent me two - a toggle as well as a box clasp:
Kind, generous person that she is, she also sent bead caps, some butterfly spacer beads, 3 charms, 2 leaf connector components, a length of cable chain and two beautiful heart beads that I am sorely tempted to hoard for myself and not use in my reveal pieces. 

The coordinating beads:
Carmen really mixed things up when it came to materials. Here you have dyed shell teardrop beads, cherry quartz squares and freshwater pearls. And if that weren't enough, she also sent some faux pearls, Korean and Chinese crystals, wonder beads and Czech pressed glass. 

Finally, here's a closeup of that cute car charm she added to her note.

Phew! What a load of pics! Massive thanks to Carmen for sending me such a generous and challenging bead soup. I foresee a fun (but possibly painful) old time ahead of me as I try to figure out what to create from her varied ingredients. Those of you playing in the BSBP, I hope you get your bead soups soon - if you haven't already. Happy creating!


  1. What an awesome soup, I love the colors! I can't wait to see what you make. :D

  2. love the mix of color. the pink with the red, haven't thought of that before but like it with the blues. can't wait for the results

  3. Hi dear... very happy to hear that you love the beads...!! sorry for the delay... I've post up your bead soup for me already at

    just realised that most of beads I sent you are definitely more chunky than your delicate beads... I guess it shows although we do similar beading styles, I work with more medium sized beads and you with smaller beads... So excited with the challenge you've presented for me! Terima Kasih!

  4. Your soup is super cool. I was really excited by you calling those beads "wonder beads". I have a small collection of that type of bead that I got from another beader a while ago and never really knew what to call them. Thanks so much for the education on them. Your soup really is great and I'm sure you'll create something fabulous with it!