Thursday, 1 March 2012

Eye candy of the bead-y kind

I know everyone is probably anxiously waiting for the BSBP Reveal Day on Mar 3. To help you while away the time till then, I thought it might be fun to post some eye candy. The pics below are of beads/findings that are currently winging their way to me. I'm embarrassed to say that what you see is just a smidgen of the boatloads of beady goodness that I recently succumbed to. Etsy is the devil, I tell you! In  my defence, I had a milestone birthday last week, so the lovelies are my way of indulging myself. At least, that's what I consoled myself with. I might feel differently when my credit card statements arrive LOL.

Clockwise from top left: daisy headpins by Midgetgems, glass flower beads by Mandrel2, enamel bead caps by Suebeads, glass fairy disc beads by Mermaidglass

I've been eyeing those fairy discs by Mermaidglass for the longest time and finally gave in to temptation. They're just soooo pretty! I also went a little crazy and bought Sue Kennedy's enamel bead caps in various colours. I might go back and buy some more :-).

Of course, this doesn't mean I'll actually be making any jewellery with the beads. I suspect they'll go into my stash, where they'll live in solitude much of the time - periodically being brought out to be gazed at and admired. Perhaps I should stop saying I make jewellery and start admitting that truthfully, what I am  - is a bead collector.


  1. They are lovely, I like the red one best.
    I mised your birthday? Oh no! Grrrrrrr!

  2. Girlfriend, I don't blame you. They are lovely! I have convinced myself that I am NOT hoarding. It is just I haven't gotten the perfect idea that will do justice to the lovely beads. ;)))

  3. I can relate to I too am a very avid bead collector! Very pretty beads.

  4. I have the exact same problem, i love buying beads, and I'm a total bead hoarder. the ones you got are so pretty!

  5. All I have to do is see them and I'm smitten. I had to rush right to these shops for a good close look at these! Oh so very cool!

  6. OMG you're hilarious!
    You have to use those beads- you have a great eye and your work is beautiful.